50PTS MANY POINTSA horizontal line on a distance time graph representsA) zero velocity. B) constant negative velocity. C) constant positive velocity. D) constantly increasing velocity.

Accepted Solution

Answer: A) zero velocityExplanation:Recall that the slope is equal to the rise/run. Rise = change in y = change in distanceRun = change in x = change in timeIf we have a horizontal line, then there is no change in y. The rise would be 0 here. The run can be anything you want. Let's just call it xSlope = rise/run = 0/x = 0Therefore, all horizontal lines have a slope of 0. The slope of a distance time graph represents the velocity becausevelocity = (change in distance)/(change in time) = rise/run = slopefor example, a velocity of 10 meters per second represents a change of 10 meters over 1 second. The rise here woud be 10 meters and the run would be 1 second.