Classify the expression: βˆ’2x Quadratic expression Linear expression Cubic expression Exponential expression

Accepted Solution

Answer:The given equation is linear equation.Step-by-step explanation:The equation is -2x .Then definations are as follows,Linear equations = of form [tex]a(x) + b[/tex] (max power of x is 1)quadratic equations = of form [tex]ax^{2} + bx + c[/tex] (max power of 2)cubic equations = of form [tex]ax^{3} + bx^{2} Β + cx + d[/tex] (max power of 3)exponential functions = of form [tex]ae^{x}[/tex] Β ,where a,b,c and d are constants.In above case, a = -2 and x has max power of 1.Thus, equation is linear.