Dean needs 60 inches of wood to build a rectangular picture frame. The length, l, of the frame is twice its width, w. Three of these equations give the correct value for w. Which equation does NOT? 2⋅(2w+w)=60 w+2w+w+2w=60 2⋅w+2⋅2w=60 w+2w=60

Accepted Solution

Option A,B and C are correct.Step-by-step explanation:Perimeter = 60 inchesWidth = wlength = 2wFinding the equation:The formula of perimeter of rectangle is:[tex]Perimeter=2(length+width)[/tex]Putting values:[tex]Perimeter=2(length+width)\\60=2(2w+w)[/tex]So, the options that give the correct value of w are:2.(2w+w) = 60 Simplifying: 4w+2w=60w+2w+w+2w=60 Simplifying: 4w+2w=602⋅w+2⋅2w=60 Simplifying: 4w+2w=60The last Option w+2w=60 is incorrect.So, Option A,B and C are correct.Keywords: Perimeter of rectangle Learn more about Perimeter of rectangle at: brainly.com/question/6564657 brainly.com/question/6837543 brainly.com/question/4599754 #learnwithBrainly