Giuliana has 22 quarters and dollar coins worth a total of $10.75.Which equation can be used to find d, the number of dollar coins Giuliana has?d – 22 + 0.25d = 10.750.25d + 22 – d = 10.750.25(22 – d) + d = 10.75d + 0.25(d – 22) = 10.75

Accepted Solution

Answer:C. [tex]0.25(22-d)+d=10.75[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Let d represent the number of dollar coins.We have been given that Giuliana has 22 quarters and dollar coins. So number of quarter coins would be [tex]22-d[/tex].We know that value of a quarter is $0.25. So all quarter coins will be worth [tex]0.25(22-d)[/tex]We are also told that these coins worth a total of $10.75. This means that d dollar coins and [tex]0.25(22-d)[/tex] worth 10.75. We can represent this information in an equation as: [tex]0.25(22-d)+d=10.75[/tex]Therefore, option C is the correct choice.Upon solving our equation we will get,[tex]5.5-0.25d+d=10.75[/tex][tex]5.5+0.75d=10.75[/tex]\[tex]5.5-5.5+0.75d=10.75-5.5[/tex][tex]0.75d=5.25[/tex][tex]\frac{0.75d}{0.75}=\frac{5.25}{0.75}[/tex][tex]d=7[/tex]Therefore, Guiliana had 7 dollar coins.