Lester has sold $51 worth of sports drinks at his concession stand today. Each drink sells for $3. He hopes to sell at least $300 worth of drinks over the course of the entire day. Let x be the number of drinks he will sell over the rest of the day. Which inequality precisely represents the condition of Lester meeting his goal?A.51 + 3x ≥ 300 B.51 + 3x > 300C.3x ≥ 300+ 51D. 3x > 300 + 51

Accepted Solution

First you should evaluate the givens. We know that so far Lester has sold $51 of drinks. Every drink costs $3 and he wants to sell at least $300 worth of drinks at the end of the day. x represents the number of drinks he wants to sell, which must be at least $300. Now we can put this into an inequality.

Since Lester wants a minimum of $300, he needs the amount to be equal to or greater than 300, because if it were any less he would not meet his goal.

> 300

Every drink costs $3, and x represents the number of drinks he needs to sell to get at least $300. Multiplying 3 and x together will give us the rest of the $300 answer.

3x > 300

We cannot forget that Lester already has $51, however, so we will add this to the amount of money from the rest of the drinks he needs to sell.

51 + 3x > 300

This makes A. our final answer. I hope my explanation made sense!