The first term of an arithmetic sequence is -3 and the fifteenth term is 53. What is the common difference of the sequence?A: 14/13B: 25/7C: 4

Accepted Solution

C: 4 is the right answerStep-by-step explanation:Givena1 = -3a15 = 53We know that explicit formula for the arithmetic sequence is:[tex]a_n=a_1+(n-1)d[/tex]For the 15th, term it will be[tex]a_{15}=-3+(15-1)d\\53=-3+14d[/tex]Adding 3 on both sides[tex]53+3 = -3+3 + 14d\\56 = 14d[/tex]Dividing both sides by 14[tex]\frac{56}{14}=\frac{14d}{14}\\d=4[/tex]Hence,C: 4 is the right answerKeywords: Arithmetic sequence, Common DifferenceLearn more about arithmetic sequence at:brainly.com/question/12896802brainly.com/question/12973601#LearnwithBrainly