what is the circumference of a sphere of radius 2?​

Accepted Solution

The circumference of a sphere of radius 2 is 12.56 square unitSolution:Need to determine circumference of the sphere of radius 2. As sphere is three dimension object and circumference is attribute of two dimension object , here circumference of the sphere means circumference of spheres largest circle which contains the center of the circle.  Circumference of circle = 2πrwhere π is a constant having value as 3.14 and r is radius of the circle. In our case radius = r = 2 unit, as π is constant it will be 3.14 in all the cases Substituting value of r and πin formula of circumference, we get Circumference = [tex]2 \times 3.14 \times 2[/tex] = 12.56 square unit. Another Method:The Circumference of a sphere is equal to 6.2832 times the RadiusThus Circumference = [tex]6.2832 \times 2[/tex] = 12.56 square unit