What is the solution and justification to the following -4z>-64.4

Accepted Solution

Solving the inequality Β [tex]-4z>-64.4[/tex] we get [tex]z<16.1[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:We need to solve the inequality [tex]-4z>-64.4[/tex] and find value of z.Solving: [tex]-4z>-64.4[/tex] Divide both sides by 4[tex]\frac{-4z}{4}>\frac{-64.4}{4}[/tex][tex]-z>-16.1[/tex]Divide both sides by (-1) and the sign of inequality is reversed i.e > is changed to < when we divide by - sign[tex]z<16.1[/tex]So, solving the inequality Β [tex]-4z>-64.4[/tex] we get [tex]z<16.1[/tex]Keywords: Solving inequalitiesLearn more about Solving inequalities at: brainly.com/question/1465430 brainly.com/question/6703816 brainly.com/question/11788572 brainly.com/question/4192226 #learnwithBrainly