what are the solutions to 6x^2-5x-4=0

Accepted Solution

Answer: x=βˆ’β€‹1/2​​​​,​4/3Step-by-step explanation:1. Split the second term in 6x^2βˆ’5xβˆ’4 into two terms.6x^2+3xβˆ’8xβˆ’4=02. Factor out common terms in the first two terms, then in the last two terms.3x(2x+1)βˆ’4(2x+1)=03. Factor out the common term 2x+1.(2x+1)(3xβˆ’4)=04. Solve for x.Ask: When will (2x+1)(3xβˆ’4) equal zero?When 2x+1=0 or 3x-4=0Solve each of the 2 equations above.x=βˆ’1/2,4/3